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a basic intro to the wold

At the beginning the 8 gods came from the different personalities of ywmy and created the wold, the 4 gods of the day led by the sun god, came from his lawful nature, and the 4 gods of the night led by the moon god, came from his chaotic side. The gods have been at war since their creation, and the creation of the world.

then some years(a lot) after the creation of the world

worshipers of the sun god in Clapeyron sought to eliminate all magic that did not stem from the sun god. So all magic users and people who knew or liked magic users, or anyone who didn’t like the sun god went on the great voyage to cross the ocean to Clausius.

648 years later this campaign starts

the world as it is now

World population dynamics

the major cities

the cites are ruled by Princes who pay respect and nothing else to a figurehead king

for those who want more detail, i will post a basic map.

  • Magicae is the furthest city to the north located 160 miles north of the costal plains, on the Tibian peninsula. It was originally the site of the arcane university and then expanded into a large city over the next few hundred years. The arcane university still controls much of the city and dominates the landscape.
  • Pisces is the central city, located on a the delta in the costal plains, it holds the most advantages position for farming, fishing, and trade. It is the smallest city in terms of inhabitant, but every day the city swells in size when the rural population comes to sell and trade.
  • Sicca The last city on the way south to the Desert is also located on the coast. It is most famous for its corruption and illegal trade. It is best for travelers to find a way to keep their weapons while entering the city or they will probably be captured and sold as slaves once they are in the city and defenseless. It is also the only city where seeing a Native wont cause a small riot.
  • Statura Pusillus The only major city not located on the coast, it is located in a old Dwarven city on the edge of the mountains(it is almost due east of Pisces) and is the most fortified city in the world. It still has a significant dwarf population, and also has the highest number of half orc slaves. Its main exports are the minerals and ores mined from under the city.

The cast system

  • then come the Freemen and Indentured Servants.
  • a brief description of the Laws

The Houses

The Races

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