A native, forced to fight for those he hates


When Gshnuul was originally brought to the fort, he did not speak common, and his communication consisted entirely of growling at people. He was brutal, and vicious, and constantly tried to escape.

Now, Noah, Wallace, and Turidan have taught him enough of the language that he understands, and he is fairly civil with them, recognizing them as his friends. In a sense of false hope, he tried to reach out to the other members of the fort as well, asking for his freedom, and for respect. However, this did not work, and Gshnuul is starting to see the separation between his friends and the average civilized man.

Gshnuul is extremely loyal, and actually good-natured, with a respect for friendship, but he is still brutal in combat, and shows no love for his enemies.

Every once in a while, he mentions something about his days in the arena, or says “Gshnuul need kill god.” What this means, no one can quite figure out, as knowledge of the native gods is far from commonplace.

He stands at 6’6, and is extremely muscular, with gray skin, orange eyes and a shock of dark hair that’s growing back since being shaven a few months ago. He has painted his face and body with intricate patterns to intimidate his foes.

Also, he likes magic. A lot.

Status: Deceased. With his body wandering around in the possession of a demon somewhere.


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