To put it lightly, Felix is a stinky cat. Namely, he smells like fish, salty and rotting, but sometimes other odors are in the mix too. As to his fur, which is typically matted unkempt, it could be generously described as calico… but that implies some sort of regularity to the shapes and patches of color. Among orange, white, grey, black, brown, no one color predominates. Unbeknownst to Felix, he is believed by his fellow catfolk to be cursed with that is called “The Stink.” This curse is said to afflict any catfolk if s/he 1. is the smallest of the litter, 2. comes out of the mother’s womb last, and 3. crosses paths with a human at an early age who then proceeds to have really bad luck. Besides stinking really badly, looking really ugly, and being completely powerless to fix it, any catfolk with “The Stink” is said to bring bad luck upon his family/tribe/community/lalalala. But no one had the heart to tell young Felix why no one would really want to be his friend, so he grew up completely oblivious to common cultural information about “the stink.”

That said, no noticeably incidents of misfortune have ever befallen Felix, save his oflactory affliction.

His semi-nomadic tribe hails from the region of Clausius near Pisces. To keep him as far away from the caravan/village as possible, he was trained to be an “outrider,” which is the class of catfolk that does scouting/fighting/adventuring. But his fellow outriders also regarded him as cursed, so after a few missions, they hatched a plot to abandon him and leave him in the hands of their enemies, who would be subsequently cursed with his supposed bad luck (and stinkiness!). So Felix was abandoned in the middle of a fight and captured by some soldiers/guards of [the house who deposited him in the players’ party].

Since he was captured and taken from his people just after reaching maturity, he was still at an impressionable, rebellious age where he thinks he’s the coolest thing ever and subscribing to tradition is for squares. Hence, he never really made an effort to return home or make a new home. He is hanging out with the party for now just for shits and giggles… but still wonders what exactly he is in it for. Rodriguez El Cazorro, dread pirate captain extraordinaire, seems like a trustworthy fellow to store loot with, but the party as a whole is not quite cohesive so Felix doesn’t feel quite at ease yet.


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