houses and princes

Rodrigaz's diary

Dear diary,

i think i have fleas from the native. he probably go it from the sleeping outside without a tent. orrr its from the lack of washing cloths for the past few days.. wonder if cleric boy knows a spell to purify oder. note to self act cleric boy about purify stench for use on native after meals. anyways we successfully defeated elves today. correction “i” successfully defeated most of the elves today they kinda bumbled around. between them they managed to get around 8 elves while i will take responability for around 18. clearly i am better then them. oh i haven’t wrote anything about my companions on my grand adventure. they are

Native: i dont really care to say his name talking in native is always enough to get his attention. seems to be the most civil of the lot. exept when it comes to eating. will probably endup losing a limb at somepoint since he does so love dismembering everything in sight.

Priesti boy: he is some religious something of some order of god knows what who i believe he prays to that squishy stuff you find between your toes after long hikes. he is the “leader” of our little squad it seems altho he is as much of a leader as the first drop of rain is to the rest of the rain. also refers to being mugged as a child alot. i suspect this is ether in an attempt to impress me or he is slightly mentally disabled. i will assume the latter since it will have less repecutions.

The paladin: i like this guy. he has a clear cut determination to challenge some other guy who wronged him in some way. such blind devotion reminds me of myself as a lad. also seems to enjoy getting cut up a bit. might be masochistic. he was seen laughing with his guts hanging out…. im scared of him as i favor him.

Mage: yes yes he uses magic. isnt that grand for him. he also seems very willing to fight with things and has revrenced killing me on several occasions. will watch out for him.

Rade: or however its spelled. delightful fellow. a bit uptight but over all fairly nice.

the duke: seems a bit imature for the power he weilds. oh well need to make friends.

anyways enough for now.

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